Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prince Fielder Fallout from FanFest

Here's another guest post from Jonathan Foreman on the O's outlook on Prince Fielder from today's FanFest.  Thanks to Jonathan for another great post.

There was one consistent message from both times Manager Buck Showalter was asked about the chances of the Orioles signing Prince Fielder today at FanFest.  Showalter stated, “Never overlook an orchid when looking for a rose.”  This was followed by a glowing review of Chris Davis.  A player who Buck feels could hit twenty homeruns in addition to above average defense.

Is Chris Davis Buck’s choice for starting First Baseman next season or are we going to bid for Fielder?  The answer is different depending on which panel you attended. 

During the morning panel with season ticket holders, when Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette was asked about Prince Fielder, Duquette said “I don’t know about that.”  The answer was short, definitive, and seemed to indicate that the signing was simply not even being considered.

During the afternoon session with the general fan base Duquette seemed much more upbeat about Fielder when asked.  Duquette echoed that he had owner, Peter Angelos’s support and wanted to do whatever he could to make sure the team had a winning record next year.  Does that include signing Prince? “I don't know.” Duquette said, “But if we don't get him, we'll look for somebody like him and we'll certainly do our best to give you guys some stars players that you can identify with.”

Tough to tell which way Duquette is leaning, but I for one have been and continue to be optimistic the O’s will be competitive in the Fielder sweepstakes.

- Jonathan

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