Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New CBA's impact on the O's and Potential Trades.

The details of MLB's new CBA are incredibly complex, and as a result, incredibly confusing.  However, there are two small changes that could play in the favor of the Orioles.  First, Bud Selig is expanding the playoffs to include two more wild card teams, one from each league.  This will either occur in 2012 or 2013, but it is definitely in the works as we speak.  The second is the revision of the free agent compensation system.

The new free agent compensation system does away with Type A and B free agents, and simply makes it so that teams must give an offer equal to the average made by the top 125 players from the previous season if they want to be compensated.  A more detailed account of the process can be found at

So what does this mean for the Orioles?  Well, adding wild card teams means more teams will "be in the hunt" for a playoff spot come the trade deadline.  This results in more teams buying, and fewer selling.  The teams that are selling however, will have more teams to offer their players to, and less competition amongs other sellers.  This inherently increases their leverage.

Additionally, the new compensation system encourages teams to trade away players unless they plan on paying them very well.  According to USAToday's salary database and a little math, the figure for 2011 would have been:


This means that a team would have to guarantee a player over $12 million in order to have a chance at compensation.  This means only the best players will stay put, and all other will be trade candidates.

This new system gives the Orioles, who likely will not be fighting for a playoff spot in 2012 or 2013 a chance to take offers for their trade-able assets.  The O's are in a position to ask for a lot for their players because they have much more leverage than most teams.  We might be seeing some Erik Bedard-esque trades in the coming years.

*** it should be noted that trading as a whole will be down because of these 2 new rules.  More contenders means less players to be traded.  This is part of what increases the leverage of the selling teams at the deadline.

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