Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking for DH Options...

With Luke Scott signing with the Rays, the Orioles lost a DH option and are still looking for more options at designated hitter. There aren’t a ton of options out on the market right now, but I believe there are a few players that can fill the void.

With that said, here are a few players (in no particular order) that would be possible DH for the Orioles next season:

1. Carlos Pena - In 2011, Pena hit close to the Mendoza line, with a .225 average, but he did hit 28 Home runs with 80 Runs batted in. Pena has very good power and is also an above-average fielder. That would be the only issue, since he would probably want to play first base every day. In that case, Pena could also play some first with the O’s. In the end, I think he would probably cost too much and would not fit the Orioles’ current budget.

2. Johnny Damon- Yes, I know Damon is 38. He is definitely up there in age but he still could have a decent year with the Orioles. Damon hit a mediocre .261 with 16 Home runs and 73 Runs batted in last season. Off the field Damon is a fan-favorite. Damon could fill a gap for the 2012 season for the Orioles and he wouldn’t be terribly expensive.

3. Lastly, Manny Ramirez – Ramirez recently took batting practice for teams and Buck Showalter and O’s Director of International recruiting Fred Ferreira was there. Ramirez has been a cancer in every clubhouse he has been in. We really don’t know what Manny has left though, but I do know that fans would come out to see him play and there is a possibility he could have a decent season. Like Damon, he could provide value as a one-year DH for the Orioles.

Despite all of these options, I’m not sure if the Orioles would be willing to spend the money or take a gamble on any of these players. The Orioles will most likely look in-house for a DH. However, I believe we could take a chance on possibly one of these players.

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