Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Handle Dylan Bundy

11-0, 0.20 ERA, 158 K’s in just 71 innings- these are the eye-popping statistics of Dylan Bundy from his senior season at Owasso High School.

Bundy, the 4th pick overall in 2011 MLB Draft, is the Orioles Top Prospect and is already being looked at as the possible savior of the Orioles franchise.

With that said- I believe that we should come nowhere even close to rushing Dylan Bundy to the big leagues.

Bundy has boat-loads of talent. Many scouts believe that he is the most major-league ready high school pitcher in recent memory. He is also expected to be the ace of the Orioles staff in the near future.

The biggest concern about Bundy is his height, being only 6 feet tall. A lot of scouts believe that shorter pitchers generally get hurt more. Additionally, shorter pitchers find it difficult to get good plane on their fastballs, meaning they come in flatter than those of taller pitchers.

However, Law disagrees with this opinion of scouts and he also raves about Bundy’s mechanics and the use of his lower half of his body.

He may be one of the most talented prospects in baseball today, but what would be the use of wasting his talent by rushing him to the majors? The Orioles should start Bundy off in High-A Frederick and see where it goes from there.

Bundy ETA for the Majors is 2013 as it stands right now. However, I believe bringing him up as a September call-up in 2013 is the best the thing to do. He may have the talent to pitch in Baltimore starting next year, but it isn’t worth rushing him.

If things with such a talented pitcher like Bundy don’t work out, the Orioles franchise could be set back another 5 years. All we need is patience.

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