Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mike Trout. That Is All


Occasionally on Warehouse Worthy we like to write about non-orioles so long as we can, at least tangentially, connect them back to the local ball club.  Here is that tangent:

Last summer I went to an O's game and sat in some of my favorite seats - out in section 94 off Eutaw Street.  I ended up sitting right in front of and behind a group of folks that made the long trip from Millville, NJ.  These people happened to be friends and family of the 19-year old Mike Trout who was playing on the East Coast, allowing everyone from his town to head down to the Yard to see him play.  It should be mentioned that all the people I met were awesome, and seemed like genuinely great people.  Ever since, I've kept an eye on the career of super-prospect Mike Trout.

Mike Trout - Super Prospect

Trout has been at the top of many scouting lists, and his name has obviously been tied to fellow super-prospect Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.  Not only do I prefer Trout to Harper, Trout has out-performed Harper so far this season (although he is a bit older).

Trout's triple slash this season is: .340/.398/.544 and he's posted 2.6 fWAR in just 37 games.  Over the course of an entire season, that kind of production would translate to an fWAR of 11.4.  For those of you keeping score at home, that would be the 8th highest fWAR since 1950.  The guys ahead of him?  Barry Bonds (3x), Mickey Mantle (2x), Yastrzemski and Mays.  That's not bad company to be in.

Since May 9th Trout has failed to reach base just 4 times - the same number of times he's homered over that same span.  Granted, Trout's .395 BABIP suggests he might come down to Earth a bit, as he's been fairly lucky so far in that regard.  However, he's also only 20 and will likely develop more power as he grows and matures.

Mike Trout is truly a phenomenal talent, and one that any baseball fan can enjoy watching play.

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