Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updates to the Site

Just a few updates to the site today:

Projected Starting 9

Projected Rotation and Bullpen

Baby Birds

Also, look out for a post later today on the best prospects in the O's minor league system.

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  1. On the rotation, I think Wada is getting the Uehara treatment where they are talking about him possibly being a starter..... I don't think it will work out though. I see him more as a reliever where as Hunter would be in the rotation. As for Matusz I think he'll have to beat out Arrieta (depending on his recovery bounce back... I think Arrieta wins that one)

    One other guy to notice in the bulpen may be Eveland. Since they don't have any options with him they might stick him there. If thats the case I could see him being in a ST battle with Wada, Simon, and maybe even Patton or Bergy. Since he has the option, I wouldn't even be surprised if Wada gets sent to Norfolk if that's the case.